Starr: What are you doing?

Cole: Telling Hope a story.

Starr: About what?

Cole: About a party I went to four years ago.

Starr: …so who are you?

Cole: I’m Cole.

Starr: And I’m Starr…

Starr: You were my hero that night and you have been ever since.

Five years ago today (October 10th) the character of Starr Manning on One Life To Live met Cole Thornhart. It was a simple moment that turned into four years of laughter, tears, heartbreak, but mostly LOVE. Their story is one of the best love stories I’ve ever seen told on TV. Unfortunately last year Brandon Buddy (Cole) decided to leave OLTL which led to the break up of the super couple. With the last months of the show winding down, I’m still hoping that Brandon/Cole will return for “his girls” and that this couple will get the ending it deserves.

Thank you Kristen and Brandon for bringing Starr and Cole to life. It is a journey I will never forget. Happy Anniversary!